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April 7, 9:00, District 3 Court, Las Cruces.

Violation of Open Government Act, Request for hearing re Writ of Mandamus filed by Animal Village NM.


Animal Village NM filed an IPRA (Information Public Records Act) request with Dona Ana County, November 1, 2015. The request included all documentation regarding the long-term puppy mills being operated on Starfly Road, Organ, NM, and on Ruby Road, Chaparral.  Both operations had been visited repeatedly by Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department and by Animal Control officers for various complaints of different alleged crimes.


The rescues of 74 pets from those operations included the responsibility for their care, and veterinary care for most- if not all- was long-neglected. Some were wounded, and dying. Some had been allowed to live in pain for years, and some are blind. These are congenital defects passed on from generations- and hundreds of puppies were sold over the internet, according to one of the breeders. We had the expectation that the legally required documentation used as the basis to own a pet in Dona Ana County, or to operate a breeding operation- would be made available. It wasn't. Most of it still hasn't been, after several months. One of the dogs died during a spay surgery- we didn't have the information regarding her age or vaccination status, that could possibly have affected this outcome.


To obtain the documentation requested  applicable mitigation of the costs to obtain this information, and for sanctions against Dona Ana County, we have filed for a writ of mandamus in District Court 3. Our government is either transparent, or it isn't. These are records about dogs, not espionage.


To see how the 'Open Government Act' is working in New Mexico, attend this hearing in Judge Mary Rosner's courtroom, District Court 3, Las Cruces.

201 W. Picacho Avenue, Las Cruces, NM 88005  575-523-8200

April 7, 9:00 a.m.




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We had to schedule Sam's second ACL surgery as his condition was becoming worse. He did well, although there were some complications- and will hopefully get to come back to his foster-home for healing on Friday🐾‼️❣


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April 7, 9:00, District 3 Court, Las Cruces.