K-9 Obedience Class

New class starts September 24, 2016


K-9 Obedience Classes offer training for adopted dogs, puppies, and the general public at AVNM, at low rates to encourage bonding, safety and a comfortable lifestyle for all adopted dogs and their families. The highest number of companion animals end up in kill-shelters simply because guardians do not take the time to train their pets. We strive to make this easy from the day the dog is adopted, by offering free training for our adopters, and by making it available to the public.


Class cost is $45.00 for 3 Saturdays, 8:30 - 10:00 a.m.


Class is free to AVNM adopters!


Puppies 3 months and older, and adult dogs any age are welcome but MUST be up to date on shots, and adult dogs must be spayed or neutered.  Proof of shots and spay/neuter is required at the time of registration.


Classes by reservation only. To make a reservation:

Email animalvillagenm1@gmail.com, or call 575-446-4685 at least 24 hours in advance of class start.


Don’t forget to bring a training collar and treats!


Please show up 30 minutes early to walk your dog before lessons.


Volunteer to bring one of our rescued hearts to class so that they can be put on our Adoptable Pets list!  Fill out our Vounteer form and let us know that you will be there by email animalvillagenm1@gmail.com or call 575-446-4685.