'FREEdom Pets'


NO Adoption Fee!



     To celebrate our nation's freedom, and to help dogs who have NEVER had the freedom of a real home and the love of responsible humans, we are doing something we've NEVER done before! We've put together a group of dogs and cats who are SO deserving of The Best Homes in America, that we are offering these pets without adoption fees!  All these pets are fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered, microchipped, and in the case of our dogs, Obedience trained, Leash Trained, and Potty Trained!


‚Äč     Check out these wonderful pets, all available NOW! All terms apply, excellent veterinary and personal references and home visits required!


See photos of these wonderful pets below. Clicking on a photo will open a slide show of Freedom Pets. Clicking a photo in the slide show will open up a new page at PetFinder.com where you can view more information on that pet.  Or, you could simply go to our Adoptable Pets tab and scroll through for more information on each pet, and to download the adoption application.