Our Adoptable Cats


To start the adoption process on any of the following cats, please follow the instructions found HERE.

Our cats are to be adopted as 100% INDOOR PETS only and NOT to be declawed.





TANGERINE is a beautiful long-haired girl, self-confident and healthy, super loving and playful.  If you are looking for the ultimate lap-cat, this is the one.  Good with dogs, cats, children and adults- loves everyone, not a care in the world!


Adoption Fee:  $85







STUNNING Mya is sweet and lovable, talkative, playful. What a beautiful girl to be able to stare at for a lifetime...exquisite!


Adoption fee: $65.00






FUTON is hilarious, spunky, total 'cattitude,' adorable! This litter was found in an abandoned couch left at a thrift store. All are vibrantly healthy, nourished with probiotics every day, supplements for skin and coat- all delightful little purr monsters!


Adoption fee: $85.00






DIVAN is spunky, beautiful, and totally affectionate! These kittens were found in an abandoned couch at a thrift store, and brought to us in pretty poor condition- but they're vibrantly healthy babies now!


Adoption fee: $85.00





FREEdom Pet - No Adoption Fee


JASPER is the friendliest, funniest, most affectionate and self-confident house lion you will ever meet! He's our Lobby Cat very often, which is a very high distinction at Animal Village NM- it means he can handle ANY visitor! Jasper simply loves everyone he meets, he goes from person to person, purring and purring, 'helping' us with our computer work, sitting in our laps, he's a total 'Walmart Greeter!' He loves cats, dogs, all age humans, and is very, very interactive. He loves to be around while computer work is being done, or to be with you while watching TV, and loves loves loves to play fetch. One of the best cats ever!


Adoption fee:  none (but application fee still applies)




The Magnificent Puck


The Magnificent Puck is a darling, talky, huggable, squeezable house-lion who is comfortable around all ages and will make a super companion! Puck is the 'best friend' type of guy and purrs when you look at him! Hurry in to meet The Magnificent Puck- he's a total winner!


Adoption Fee: $45.00






GYPSY has funny big ears and a big heart as well. She is a beautiful Dilute Tortie with a gorgeous face. She is more quiet and loves to relax all day. But she also loves being petted, and will be a great, calm addition to a quiet adult home.


Adoption Fee:  $45.00






This gorgeous little tuxedo kitty is spunky and healthy, and full of fun- he's also been neutered and had all his shots! A great little guy with personality plus and very confident, will be a super lifetime INDOOR companion!


Adoption Fee:  $85.00





SPANKY is a fun and affectionate girl. She likes to goof around all day and rub against your leg. She isn't specifically a lap cat, but she loves being pet. She is just beautiful!


Adoption fee $65.00






COONIE is a stunning boy just as sweet as he looks, with luxuriant soft fur and a gorgeous face. A delightful tabby who loves to be pet and jump on your lap. He is so much fun to be with. Just a playful and cool guy.


Adoption Fee:  $45.00




Tortilla Sunrise


TORTILLA SUNRISE is a spectacular Tortoiseshell- no shrinking vine 'under wraps' Tortie personality here! She's a stunner, with her copper-woven easy-care coat and amazingly beautiful face. But the real win here is her personality, this gal's never met a person she didn't like since she's been here, and is unfazed by dogs or construction chaos! She will be a wonderful addition to any home.


Adoption Fee:  $45.00






FREEdom Pet - No Adoption Fee


MOZART LOVES the PIANO! LOVE DEEP GREEN EYES? Oh boy you will be MESMERIZED by MOZART! We have a piano in our cat lounge and when someone comes and plays, MOZART! sits next to them and plays too! He is just stunning, with a sleek, soft DARK BLUE white 'easy care' coat.  He's happy in your lap, 'makes biscuits' non-stop, and purrs like a train. He gets along with everyone in the cat-house, where our cats roam and play.


Adoption fee:  none (but application fee still applies)




Audrey Hepburn


FREEdom Pet - No Adoption Fee


Like the shy, lovely movie star, AUDREY HEPBURN will not be 'all over you,' but will wait for your discerning eye to see her delicate beauty. Meanwhile she'll be waiting patiently on a shelf in the corner of our cat room. And if you DO notice her, you'll be struck by the amazing assortment of colors in this diminutive girl's silky coat. A young girl, AUDREY HEPBURN has been tested for FIV, FELV; FIP (all negative) vaccinated, spayed and will be a lovely soft addition to anyone's nice, quiet home- without chaos.


Adoption fee:  none (but application fee still applies)






CINDERELLA is adorable, a beautiful Calico girl, who loves to chase her frisbee. Yes, that's her favorite toy! She is great with everybody! She loves other cats and dogs and would be a great play buddy for every child.If you like to laugh, if you NEED to laugh...come to Animal Village NM and meet CINDERELLA TODAY!


Adoption Fee:  $65.00






MIAMI is an absolutely sexy, sleek girl with just a touch of white to give her distinction. Whenever anyone sits in the cat room she wants her lap time- and is so polite about it, that she gets it! She will be the absolutely best lap or leg warmer for her lucky forever guardian.


Adoption Fee:  $45.00






ANGELICA is a sweet purr-monster, who loves to be held. She is young and playful and gets along great with other cats, dogs and kids. She is a lovely and lively girl who will make a gorgeous addition to any loving home!


Adoption Fee:  $45.00






NOVA is an exquisite Tortie, very shy and careful. She likes her treats the best. If you want to be her friend, bring some! She is a very smart girl with lots of love in her. Make the effort to draw her out! Its worth it!


Adoption Fee:  $45.00




Sneaky Pete


FREEdom Pet - No Adoption Fee


SNEAKY PETE is a real character. He likes to be the king everywhere he goes. He is not specifically a lap cat, but he will be a great buddy for you to goof around with.  This is a guy who would probably be best as an only cat- and you seriously will have ENOUGH laughs with this guy anyhow!


Adoption fee:  none (but application fee still applies)






FREEdom Pet - No Adoption fee


DESTINY is the cutest manx girl with a funny stubby tail- and she WAGS her tail, it's hilarious! She has a wonderful personality which will show after you get to meet her. At first she will be a little shy but give her time and she will show her wonderful personalitys. She loves being brushed which is a great way of getting to know her.


Adoption fee:  none (but application fee still applies)






FREEdom Pet - No Adoption Fee


KIMBER is a sweet, outgoing, personality-plus girl, and never meets a stranger- she is the purrfect quiet, loving companion cat, and very beautiful.


Adoption fee:  none (but application fee still applies)



Big Daddy


FREEdom Pet - No Adoption Fee


BIG DADDY is just the coolest Tabby guy you ever met! His big ol' head will get your attention, and then you'll just be mesmerized by how absolutely- well we already said it-  COOL he is! If Big Daddy was a musician he'd be a jazz guy, for sure, and he would totally be in N.O. Big Daddy is laid-back but playful, loving but not needy, a lap-cat but not 'in your face.' He's not just another pretty face, but also a terrific buddy to have around!   DOB 2-7-08 Neutered, tested negative for FELV, FIV, & FIP, vaccinated, wormed.


Adoption fee:  none (but application fee still applies)




Cinnamon Shortbread


FREEdom Pet - No Adoption Fee


CINNAMON is just a real cool guy. He likes to chill and cuddle all day. His beautiful fur feels like rabbit coat and his piercing blue eyes are wonderful to look at. This awesome fella needs a quiet home with lots of love. Just the perfect lab warmer for an adult family.


Adoption fee:  none (but application fee still applies)